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Products Name:  0.6KW Self-cooled DC-DC

Product Features:

1.  With perfect short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, when the output voltage of 12V short circuit, the converter stops the output,
the protection converter will not damage; Output to protect a variety of loads will not be over-voltage damage;
2.  The whole machine uses the epoxy resin to pour seal, enhances the heat dissipation effect and the waterproof performance;
3.  Ad hoc small current start-up line can completely protect the electric door locks, input with a fuse function, so that
when the work will not be damaged due to large input current.

Technical Parameters:

Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Nominal Power Ripple Coefficient Full of Efficiency Regular Functions The 12V Voltage Output
JYDC320W DC48V 60V 72V DC12V 320W ≤1% ≥90%

Electronic switch

Input reverse connect protection

Output short circuit protection

The output over voltage protection

Overheating protection

JYDC320W12V DC48V 60V 72V DC12V 320W ≤1% ≥90% YES
JYDC420W DC48V 60V 72V DC12V 420W ≤1% ≥90% NO
JYDC420W12V DC48V 60V 72V DC12V 420W ≤1% ≥90% YES
JYDC500W12V DC48V 60V 72V DC12V 500W ≤1% ≥90% YES
JYDC600W12V DC48V 60V 72V DC12V 600W ≤1% ≥90% YES
JYDC800W12V DC48V 60V 72V DC12V 800W ≤1% ≥90% YES

Note: 1. The output value according to customer needs a value.

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