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Products Name:  Electric car forklift charger Portable series

Almost all products can be achieved in accordance with order requirements in line with Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries of environmental standards.

Product Features:

1.  All aluminum alloy shell.
2.  One type of power supply (with grounding wire).
3.  Multi-stage intelligent charging mode.
4.  Digital tube power display status.
5.  For lithium batteries, lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, gel sealed lead-acid batteries, add water batteries.
6.  Fully enclosed structure makes the charger clean and waterproof inside.
7.  Charging machine inside the use of plastic and external air convection cooling method of dual-mode thermal performance.
8.  Single-chip microcomputer control of the charging voltage real-time monitoring of the battery charging high reliability.
9.  Good shock resistance, long service life.
10.  Temperature compensation function of the battery temperature for all-round detection and adjust the charge voltage.
11.  Using the latest LLC soft-switching resonant technology, the efficiency of up to 92% or more, high power density.
12.  Overheat protection: When the charger internal temperature exceeds the set value, the charging current automatically decreases,
the temperature rises to the second set point, the charger shutdown protection, the temperature decreases, the automatic recovery charge.
13.  Battery reverse polarity protection: When the battery is reverse connected, the internal circuit of the charger will be disconnected
from the battery and will not damage the charger.
14.  No-load protection: no output when the battery is not connected.
15.  AC under-voltage protection: when the AC voltage in the 180V-200V, the charging current automatically decreases, AC voltage increases,
the current automatically picksup, when the voltage is below 180V, the charger shutdown protection.
16.  FULLY POWER OFF: The output voltage is automatically disconnected from the battery when fully charged.



Technical Parameters:

Specifications AC input parameters

Apply to the battery pack

Output Voltage Input Voltage Efficiency Waterpro of level Working temperature
48V15A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 48V 58.8V 15A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
48V20A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 48V 58.8V 20A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
48V30A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 48V 58.8V 30A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
48V40A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 48V 58.8V 40A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
60V10A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 60V 73.5V 10A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
60V15A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 60V 73.5V 15A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
60V30A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 60V 73.5V 30A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
72V10A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 72V 88.2V 10A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
72V15A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 72V 88.2V 15A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
72V20A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 72V 88.2V 20A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
84V10A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 84V 103V 10A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
84V20A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 84V 103V 20A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
96V8A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 96V 117.6V 8A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
96V15A 220V±20%︱50-60Hz 96V 117.6V 15A ≥92% SAEJ1378 -20℃-60℃
规格 model JC3K31VFBX2-6
Rated output power (W) 1200W-16000W
Rated output voltage (V) 24-80V
Charging (control) mode Response mode
INPUT  Input voltage range (VAC)  110V/220V/380V
Input frequency range (Hz) 46-65Hz 
Input current (A) ≶&32A 
Input power factor (PF) ≥0.99(@220Vin,Pomax)
OUTPUT Output voltage range (V) 15V-90V
Rated current (A) 20-200A
Typical efficiency (EFF) >92%
Low voltage power supply module 12V/60W (Optional)
OTHERS Over voltage protection Have
Over temperature protection Have
Reverse connection protection Have
Short circuit protection  Output short circuit shutdown, self-recovery
Working environment temperature (℃) -20℃~+60℃
Communication function CAN/ RS485
Shell material/package Iron shell/Aluminum shell
waterproof level IP30

Note: 1. The output array according to customer needs a value.

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