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Products Name:  High efficiency pulse repair type charger

Product Features:

1.  using microcomputer chip, intelligent control circuit.
2.  using the patch process, the quality is more stable.
3.  anti-short circuit: When the charger is connected with the positive and negative, self-protection, not charging.
4.  anti-reverse: When the charger is reversed when the positive and negative, self-protection, not charging.
5.  anti-overheating: plus overheating protection circuit to prevent the temperature is too high and damage to electronic components.
6.  splash water: the surface closed design, to prevent debris into the charger caused by internal short-circuit.
7.  automatic shutdown function: When the battery voltage over the float voltage automatically after 4 hours automatic shutdown.
To prevent the increase in resistance and sulfide serious battery does not turn the phenomenon of light in the summer, completely solve the problem of battery charge drum.
8.  to reduce water loss: loss of water is the ordinary charger 1/3.
9.  to remove the curing: the battery can effectively remove the curing phenomenon.
10.  inhibition of imbalance: can effectively suppress the imbalance of the battery.
11.  anti-undercharge and overcharge: poly source pulse temperature compensation function, according to the ambient temperature changes,
Intelligent regulation of charging voltage, so that the battery does not owe the winter charge, but the summer charge.
12.  pulse: the use of pulse charging technology to solve the balance of the battery pack receiving power,
So that the battery pack quickly return to battery capacity, so as to truly make the battery pack longevity.


Technical Parameters:

Model Power Floating phase voltage Constant voltage phase current The floating phase current
48V12Ah 110W 55.6V 1.8A 0.45A
48V20Ah 170W 55.6V 3.0A 0.55A
60V20Ah 225W 69.5V 3.0A 0.85A
64V20Ah 235W 74.0V 3.0A 0.60A
72V20Ah 264W 83.2V 3.0A 0.63A

Note: 1. The output value according to customer needs a value.

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