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Products Name:  Lithium car charger

Product Features:

Lithium-ion battery charger on the higher requirements, the need to protect the circuit, so the lithium battery charger usually have a higher control precision, to the lithium-ion battery constant current constant voltage charging. Poly source charger is a smart power lithium battery charger, is the superior performance of lithium battery charger. Using high-performance green PWM controller, has the following advantages and features:
1. Wide input voltage range <100 ~ 260VAC>.
2. Externally programmable over-temperature protection.
3. Over-voltage protection, accurate output over-voltage protection to prevent damage to the battery over-voltage and explosion caused by fire.
4. Soft start to start using the delay time of 2 seconds to make the main circuit work, the effective protection of the circuit.
5. Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection.
6. Floating-pin protection.
7. Voltage clamp protection.
8. LED lights indicate the working state of charge; charging voltage floating range, the accuracy rate

Technical Parameters:

Model 12.6V3A Charger 42V4A Charger 54.6V2A Charger 58.8V2A Charger 63V2A Charger 67.2V2A Charger
Power 37.8W 84W 108W 116W 124W 133W
Input Voltage 95-265VAC 50-60Hz 95-265VAC 50-60Hz 95-265VAC 50-60Hz 95-265VAC 50-60Hz 95-265VAC 50-60Hz 95-265VAC 50-60Hz
Output Voltage 12.6VDC 42VDC 54.6VDC 58.8VDC 63VDC 67.2VDC
Output Current 3A 2A 2A 2A 2A 2A
Efficiency >82% >91% >93% >93% >93% >93%
No-load Loss <0.5W <0.5W <2.5W <2.5W <2.5W <2.5W
Ripper <100mV <120mV <320mV <330mV <330mV <350mV

Overload,Overcurrent,Short circuit protection

Working Temperatuer -10℃-50℃ -10℃-50℃ -10℃-50℃ -10℃-50℃ -10℃-50℃  
-10℃-50℃ Withstand Voltage I/P-O/P:3KVac I/P-O/P:3KVac I/P-O/P:3KVac I/P-O/P:3KVac I/P-O/P:3KVac I/P-O/P:3KVac

Note: 1. The output array according to customer needs any value.

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